Once upon a time, Chile con Yarne was a knitting blog. While we've branched out since then, we still have a small archive of free knitting patterns for you to enjoy.


Me and Suz, the fearless leader of the Cleveland SnB, were sitting at the bar, brainstorming different baby hat ideas. Suz suggested a cupcake hat, after seeing a nice spread of cupcake related products in the latest issue of BUST. Since I’m too lazy to knit a ruffle and sew it on after the fact, I stole a bauble pattern from one of the SnBN pillows for a row, and the Cupcake Hat was born.



If you’ve never seen anything by Aardman, you’re missing out. This animation studio puts out some of the best cartoons out there. I love Wallace and Gromit. Gromit’s a knitter after all. Anyhow, a few years back, they put out a movie called Chicken Run, and once again, there was a character who knitted, and most of the chickens were wearing some sort of knitted wear rendered in clay. This is my version of the hat worn by the main character, Ginger. It’s a simple roll brim hat that has two little I-cords at the top. I’d rate this one easy.



Enough with frilly girly cupcakes. It’s time for a MAN’s baby hat! Yar! Or whatever vikings say. For a more Valkyrie version of this hat, sew on some blonde braids instead of the earflaps! Here we go.


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